Yet another reason to avoid unnatural food dyes

I read this article this morning about 10 children hospitalized after a daycare employee mistakenly gave them windshield wiper fluid, thinking it was Kool Aid.

After being sufficiently appalled at the error (How on earth do you not smell the chemicals as you’re pouring it into cups? And how could you miss the writing on the label?), I realized there are a lot of beverages that look like other things, just because of the unnatural food dyes. Someone could have put it in a locker room refrigerator, thinking it was Powerade or Gatorade. If the wiper fluid was green, it could have even been HiC!

This has steeled my resolve to keep The Boy on (soy) milk and water for as long as possible – and certainly for as long as he’s in daycare. I may open the list to tomato juice and watered down apple juice in the coming months, but only at home.

And nothing with really crazy colors. That’s just a recipe for disaster.


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