Dry ice and a great big box

Twice in as many days, I came home to find Cute Husband and The Boy playing with new toys. Yesterday, it was a giant box from Amazon, from which The Boy gleefully burst to greet me with that telltale grin that only means he has been having the time of his life. This evening, I heard loud popping sounds, words of caution from Cute Husband, and The Boy’s squeals of delight coming from our bathroom. When I approached them, The Boy was so excited, telling me (in his mix of understandable words and Toddler-ese) all about the fun the two of them were having, and how the lid kept popping off the Tupperware container.

“Pop!” he exclaimed repeatedly, dissolving into peals of laughter each time he said it.

Cute Husband put some dry ice into a Tupperware container with some warm water, covered it with a proper lid, and the two of them spent the better part of an hour watching the lid repeatedly pop off the container. Once I arrived, The Boy instructed me to sit down, then promptly sat in my lap to watch the lid pop off the container once more. Then Cute Husband moved the show to the family room where they played with a funnel to direct the fog and The Boy’s Little People farmer.

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Yesterday’s box has a place of honor in the family room, where it rests against a wall so that The Boy can’t push it over and hurt himself. He and Cute Husband took turns coloring in it, and The Boy seems delighted to have found a suitable place to express himself with crayon. (And I’m elated that he can draw on walls without, well, actually drawing on walls.) It’s still a wonderful hiding place, and I don’t think we could have found a more perfect box for him!

They really are the simplest things in life that bring the most joy.


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