Tommy Bear, revisited

A little less than a year ago, The Boy received Tommy Bear from one of my coworkers when he visited me at work. It was the first stuffed animal that he took to, so I ordered a second one from Amazon a few weeks later. I’ve dutifully swapped one for the other so that they could be frequently washed and remain indistinguishable, but The Boy wasn’t insisting on taking Tommy Bear everywhere, so I wondered about my decision to get a second bear.

I can now say that I am elated I did so.

Tommy Bear is a near-constant companion when we’re at home. For the past three mornings, Tommy Bear sat with The Boy at the little breakfast table, and he accompanies The Boy for diaper changes. Tommy Bear was almost fed applesauce yesterday morning and needed to have his own bowl of Cheerios today. I watched this morning as The Boy interacted with Tommy Bear, cuddling and cooing to his bear the same way he’s cuddled and cooed to by me. It warms my heart to see him with his faithful bear!


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