It’s just not a priority (or Why I’m probably a good candidate for What Not To Wear)

I’ve been getting a lot of grief lately from some of the ladies at work.

I’ve never been overly concerned about fashion. Not for as long as I can remember, anyway. And since I don’t have much of a dress code at work (thank God), my daily attire generally involves jeans and a T-shirt. Sometimes I branch out and wear a sweater or some other top that doesn’t require ironing or drycleaning, and every now and then I’ll wear a skirt that meets the same criteria. But for the most part, it’s jeans, a t-shirt, and sneakers. (Every now and then I’ll wear sandals, but it’s been cold lately.)

I know I could spend more time on my appearance and try to dress up a little more for work. But it’s simply not a priority. I’d rather sleep for five more minutes than put on a full face of makeup (though I have been taking five seconds to put on eyeliner), and I’d rather snuggle with my son or clean the house or spend quality time with my husband than iron clothes. And as I’m working with what seems like an ever-shrinking budget, I’m not about to start sending clothes to the drycleaners.

I read The Yummy Mummy Manifesto. And it was inspiring – so much that I eagerly handed it to BK, who will find its advice far more useful than I. After all, I don’t go anywhere that requires me to look particularly sharp, I don’t meet with clients or vendors, and as such, I can justify a wash-and-wear-only clothing philosophy.

One of my coworkers told me that a shirt I wore a few weeks ago was crumpled and that I really ought to press my shirts if I’m going to wear tops like those. I explained that shirt was one of the few that was pressed when I began my day, but after all my morning activities with The Boy, anything that begins neatly pressed quickly gets rumpled by the time I leave him at school. “Even the collar?” she asked. “Yes, even the collar.” After all, The Boy likes to tug on my collared shirts to get my full attention – and I consider myself lucky if I make it through the morning without food on my clothes.

Her suggestion, then, was to explain to The Boy that Mommy isn’t to be touched in the mornings, that Mommy needs to remain clean and pretty for work.

I laughed it off, much to her dismay. I barely get to spend any time with him in the evenings once I get home from work – if I get to see him at all. I’m certainly not going to eliminate hugs and cuddles in the mornings just because I want to remain wrinkle-free. Isn’t that why wash-and-wear clothing exists?

“You can do it,” she said. “You can make time to press or steam your clothes, and you can do it.”

“You’re absolutely right,” I agreed. “But it’s just not a priority.”


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