So proud!

Today was a bit of a trying day for me on several counts (including but not limited to a splitting headache that still won’t go away and a certain somebody who decided that naptime was simply not necessary today), but there was one incident of note worth remembering.

Today, The Boy said “Thank You” on his own, completely unprompted, and in the correct context!

Well, to be fair, he only said “Tang”, but he also used the sign for it, so I knew exactly what he was saying. It was precious!

Now, the story…

After boycotting his nap and refusing to even sit and watch Thomas the Tank Engine, he came running to the kitchen. “Mill! Mill!” he cried, throwing himself against the refrigerator.

“Are you thirsty?” I asked. He nodded, so I got a sippy cup from the cabinet and filled it with water. He stood patiently as I filled it, then eagerly took it from my hands after I secured the lid and handed it to him.

“Tang!” he said with a smile, putting the fingertips of his right hand to his chin.

“You’re welcome!” I said, feeling very proud of this new display of manners, and watched him run back to his dad to watch more Thomas.

I know this initial display marks the beginning of his comprehension of manners, but he seems to understand that “please” is the proper word to use to get something you want (which he said repeatedly as he unsuccessfully tried to persuade Cute Husband to let him play with a 33 year-old train car) and that “thank you” is the thing to say when you get something you want. I’m not deluding myself that he’ll execute “please” and “thank you” flawlessly from now on (I know many adults who don’t execute those two words flawlessly – myself included), but I’m hopeful that this will continue with the proper amount of positive reinforcement.

It’s a start, anyway.


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