I can see clearly now…

Well, clearer, anyway.

Back in November, I went to the optometrist to get soft toric lenses. I’ve been wearing corrective lenses now for the better part of 26 years, and the only contact lenses I knew were the rigid gas-permeable variety.

The RGPs are great in that they act as a sort of cast on your eye and prevent rapid deterioration, but they dry out very quickly and, well, just didn’t work for me once my eyes started shifting during pregnancy. So, I ditched the contacts and used glasses almost exclusively.

One thing I noticed about myself when I wear glasses is that I use them as a kind of shield from the rest of the world. When I have my glasses on, you can’t tell how badly my eyebrows need to be shaped, and, because my vision with glasses changes (for the worse) almost immediately after I get a new prescription, I can’t tell how uneven my skin is or how pale I am. And because I’m wearing this shield, it also doesn’t matter what the rest of me looks like. Translation: vanity takes a holiday and I turn into a frump.

I’ve been cleaning out my closet and dresser drawers and boxing up things to give to Covenant House next Friday. In the process, I uncovered a lot of cute clothes I used to wear – clothes that still fit and don’t require drycleaning or ironing (my two requirements) but do require me to get new shoes, something my sister has demanded I do soon, especially since she gave me a gift certificate specifically for shoes for my birthday more than a month ago. And these outfits will require a hair trim, probably some basic accessories (I’ve had my ears pierced for almost 30 years and the holes are not going to close up – I’d might as well fill them with earrings I already own!), and, yes, some make-up to complete the look.

When we traveled over the Thanksgiving holiday, I didn’t bring my soft contacts because I was still getting used to them. So, they stayed home in their solution… for the next two months. I finally pulled them out again this past Saturday and decided to force myself to get used to them. I paid for them, after all, and my 6 month supply isn’t going to do me much good if it just sits on the bathroom counter, mocking me every morning.

Anyway, I’ve been very good about wearing them for 5 days now, and my eyes are adjusting. I have a terrible case of astigmatism (which is why I needed to wear RGPs in the first place – and why even after Lasik surgery I would still need to wear driving and/or reading glasses), so there’s a bit of a blur when things are too far away, but I think I’m getting used to them. (It also helps that I’m getting more sleep now than I was back in November.) My eyes still dry out pretty quickly, but I have some pretty good drops that have helped in that regard.

Lasik surgery will probably be put off another year or three because, as nice as it would be to have it done, it’s still rather costly and not a high priority right now. But the haircut and new shoes are reasonable things I can do in the very near future.


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