That warm, fuzzy feeling

Every few months, my department hosts a Sample Sale, which is really an opportunity to get rid of sample merchandise cluttering our offices. A couple of years ago, we began donating a portion of the money we collected from the sale to a local charity. Proceeds from the last sale we had went towards a family we adopted around the holidays.

We’re having another Sample Sale in February, and I had been wracking my brain trying to think of a worthy local charity. The problem, of course, is that I’m not very familiar with local charities. So, I farmed this out to others in the organization.

Well, our department head had the opportunity to witness Covenant House at work and suggested we adopt them as our cause this time. If you’re not familiar with Covenant House, they’re an organization dedicated to helping homeless and displaced youth and work to get these kids off the street. She sent me a link to their website, and after just a few minutes of clicking through it, I started to cry.

We don’t collect a lot of money from our sales and wouldn’t be donating much money, just a couple hundred dollars or so – hardly enough to warrant a big mention. But I noticed on their site that one thing all these kids need is clothing. Apparently, kids come to Covenant House with nothing but the clothes on their backs, and oftentimes, those are even threadbare. So, I asked if we could piggy back a Jeans Drive to our Sample Sale: Drop off a pair of jeans and get a free T-Shirt. It’s different, it’s not something we’ve already done, and it’s in keeping with our department’s focus (clothing).

I got the go-ahead from our department head and am so excited about this Jeans Drive, I can hardly stand it. I’m hoping to collect at least 50 pairs of jeans, though it would be nice to bring more.

Look for an update on this in a few weeks. If it works well, I hope we can make this an annual thing!


2 thoughts on “That warm, fuzzy feeling

  1. Of COURSE!!! The jeans drive is on February 20, and we're going to go to Covenant House later that day to drop off the donations. So, I'll be accepting jeans any time prior to that (beginning with my own closet!).

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