Ketchup: It’s not just for dipping anymore

When I came home last night, my husband had just finished changing The Boy’s diaper and looked a little harried. I put down my things, and The Boy righted himself and ran to me. I thought he was wearing a shirt different than the one I put on him that morning, but it had been a long day, and I could well have been mistaken.

As I was cuddling The Boy (ever so briefly – these Welcome Home cuddles don’t last long), Cute Husband announced, “So, apparently, ketchup is more than a condiment now.” I looked at him quizzically. He continued, “He started dipping his pasta and chicken, but then he just reached in and started taking handfuls of it.”

My poor husband! Before I arrived, The Boy apparently had ketchup all over his hands and face – and I wasn’t mistaken about the different shirt, either.

Who knew ketchup was its own side dish?


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