Ringing in the New

Words cannot begin to express how happy I am at the prospect of ushering in a new year. With all its promises, things were not “Great in 2008”, so I’m hoping this time things will be “Fine in 2009”. The year started out bad, got worse, and goteven worse before it started to get better again.

So as not to dwell on the negative, here are some good things that came out of 2008:

  • My sister is one of my best friends. People used to ask me if my sister and I were close, and I’d kind of make this face, laugh and say, “Uh, no.” We talked to each other once a week, and we certainly had things to talk about, but neither of us really felt like we were close. But after Mom passed and we realized we only had each other, we grew a lot closer. And yes, now I can say she’s one of my best friends.
  • My relationship with my husband is stronger than it’s ever been.So, we don’t see eye-to-eye on everything (and probably never will), but we’re communicating better and have definitely strengthened our bond. I didn’t realize how much parenting can put a strain on a marriage, but rearing a child together can also bring two people so much closer, too. Oh, but it’s still hard work.
  • I have an awesome relationship with my mother-in-law. I neverdisliked my MIL, but we were never close, either. We didn’t share a lot of interests, and I felt like there was a kind of wall of formality between us. When Mom died and I had to leave the country suddenly, she came down to help my husband and stayed with us until she felt I was emotionally okay enough to properly function. During one of her most recent visits, I monopolized almost all her time – to the point that we both felt bad she wasn’t spending more time with Cute Husband. But this year, as she taught me to use my sewing machine, I discovered we had more in common than I originally thought.
  • The Boy is happy and healthy. He slept through the night, sat up on his own, started crawling, celebrated his first birthday, took his first steps, started running, and is now a very active toddler. This year, he discovered balloons, bubbles, trucks, cars, trains, helicopters, snow (from our Christmas in New York), and, most recently, drums. He’s a healthy little boy and weathered this year’s illnesses (including walking pneumonia, bronchiolitis, a stomach bug, and hand, foot and mouth disease) quite well. He also has a good appetite, hampered only a little by some food sensitivities (including dairy – ouch!) and has absolutely no interest in regressing back to bottles or breast feeding.

And on the whole, Cute Husband and I are both gainfully employed with stable companies, we have a house payment we can afford, and all three of us are healthy (and have good health insurance to boot). So, as awful as 2008 was, some good still came of it – and we weathered storminess of the year fairly well.

All the same, I’d really rather not have a year like this again. For that reason, I’ve never been so anxious to ring in the New Year!


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