No more looking back

We reached a major milestone this morning.

I had been postponing the switch from rear-facing car seat to forward-facing. I read somewhere that the NHTSA recommended keeping your child the rear-facing position for as long as the car seat would allow, and I was determined to do just that. After all, 20 pounds really isn’t a whole lot (and he was 20 pounds well before his first year), and there had to be a reason car seats in the rear-facing position were rated so high, anyway.

Yesterday, after much fighting, screaming, spitting, and hitting, I vowed to turn my son’s car seat around to the forward-facing position. And so, after I got to work, I did just that (and uncovered some remnants of a time, several months ago, when he puked in the car – how it didn’t stink up the car is still a mystery). It took a little time (and a good deal of rereading the booklet that came with the car seat), but I successfully reoriented the car seat.

Well, he was ready to fight me on getting into the car this morning until I plopped him into his seat. I wish I could express in words how stunned he was to be facing forward! He was so excited the entire trip to school, pointing at everything, squealing in delight at different sights… A part of me felt bad for depriving him of this experience for the past eight months. Of course, he’ll be sitting forward-facing for the rest of his life now, so I’ll have to be sure to remember this moment and remind him of it when he gets much older.


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