Officially moved up a size

Every so often, The Boy will wake up in the middle of the night needing a diaper (and clothing) change because he has wet himself. Last night was such a night. Thankfully, it was only 11 o’clock, so I wasn’t completely asleep, and because I sang to him throughout the changing process, it didn’t take much for him to go back to sleep.

Anyway, being the bad mommy that I am, I didn’t have his clean pajamas folded and put away, so I had to grab a freshly cleaned one out of the laundry basket, instead. It happened to be a 24-month size pajama, which, when I bought them on Monday, looked like it would be awfully big on him. While I wasn’t overly enthused to put my child into ill-fitting clothes overnight, I also didn’t want to put him down naked and chance his fully awakening. So, on it went.

Well, color me surprised. Not only did it not dwarf him, it actually fit himvery well! The feet are still a little big for now, but it was otherwise a good fit. I think we’re officially finished with the 18-month pajamas. Aside from some overalls and a couple of pairs of (adjustable) jeans, the pajamas were the last hold-outs.

Now, because he didn’t completely wake last night while being changed, he was pleasantly surprised when he awoke this morning to see that there were dogs on his pajamas!

Of course, if that happened to me, I’d probably freak out. But he seemed to take it in stride.


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