A great problem to have

The end of hurricane season coincides with the annual holiday food drives. Since I tend to stock up on hurricane-safe food stuffs during non-hurricane season (after all, you can never be too prepared), I take this opportunity to clear out my pantry and donate to the local food banks.

In previous years, the haul has been significant. It wasn’t uncommon for me to bring two or three full sacks of canned food to work. I never looked at it as wasting money; after all, I knew the food was going to a food bank to help those less fortunate than I. And, as it was largely stuff that I wasn’t going to use before its expiration date (usually a date in the spring), I figured it would be better to donate it to a food bank than to further contribute to the landfills.

Anyway, I eagerly attacked our pantry yesterday morning, fully expecting to fill up a couple of sacks. I found some soup that I really didn’t like (and my husband doesn’t like), an unopened box of cereal I didn’t think I would eat, 2 boxes of Parmalat milk, and a couple of jars of what used to be one of The Boy’s favorite foods. And then… nothing.

In reality, it’s not a bad problem to have. It means I showed a certain degree of restraint this hurricane season and only bought things we actually use/eat. It also means that I’ve done a fair job of keeping my pantry inventory in check, so that it’s not completely overloaded just because it was BOGO.

I do feel bad, though, about not bringing in my usual amount, especially since the food banks are exceptionally bare, but both my husband and I can be grateful this Thanksgiving that we have a roof over our heads, that we are gainfully employed, and that we are all healthy. After all, I can always buy more food for the food drive.


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