Busy weekend…

I also spent a lot of money, but I got a good chunk of my Christmas shopping done – including Cute Husband’s gifts for his bosses! Hooray! Now I have a lot of wrapping to do, but that’s the easy part of Christmas. Shopping sucks.

I was super psyched, though, because I found the perfect gift for Doug, for whom, I think, it is near-impossible to shop. But I chanced upon it, immediately called BK for approval, then purchased it – and even used a coupon for it! Hee hee! I love being frugal when I can. It makes the dollar stretch so much further. And then I can get so much more!

So now I really only have one person left on my list who has nothing from me (not including family, of course). I have some thoughts, but I need to give it more consideration. And I only have $87 of my allotted budget left. I need to get really creative about this!

The weekend started out with a trip to the Saturn dealership to get my car serviced. There isn’t anything wrong with it, mind you; I just like going to the dealership and having them check everything out as long as the car is under warranty. I had my fuel injector thingy flushed and my tires balanced and realigned on top of the oil change and fluid top-off, but it was good to have that done. Besides, I haven’t been there since June, and my Saturn e-mail said that I only had 33% of my oil life left.

After the dealership, I stopped at Costco ($1.98 for gas!) to pick up some of The Boy’s bath soap and a couple of other things. Then it was on to Target (office gifts in the front bins for $1 each!), where I found some long-sleeved tops for myself (all ridiculously on sale) and long-sleeved onesies for layering The Boy this winter (45 degrees this morning! Yikes!). I also picked up some much-needed hand soap, some of which was Method’s toasted hazelnut holiday scent. I highly recommend it. My next visit was to Bed Bath & Beyond before I made a final stop at Old Navy to use a gift card that had been burning a hole in my wallet. I tried so hard to use it all and fell $4.13 short, but the cashier was nice enough to let me have the change rather than keeping it on the card. Because, really, when can you ever find something for $4 at Old Navy?

As I said, I spent a lot of money.

That evening we went to Doug and BK’s house to celebrate a few birthdays. The Boy loves playing drums on Rock Band 2. Doug set up the drums on Freestyle Mode and let The Boy go to town on them. It was so much fun to watch! He held sticks in both hands and was hitting all the drum heads… I may have a future Keith Moon on my hands! Perhaps I should think about sound-proofing a room.

The next morning, we went to IKEA to pick up a few things. I (finally) got my chandelier and shades for the dining room, and because I needed to spend at least $100 to get a “free” $20 gift card (and it was something Cute Husband needs), we picked up some bookshelf extenders, too. Now I have $23 IKEA dollars to put towards a mirror for the dining room. Woo hoo!

Of course, the trip to IKEA completely threw The Boy off schedule, which, as we all know, is a big no-no. He boycotted his nap and had a major meltdown around 5, so Cute Husband and I whisked him into the bathtub, cleaned him, put him in his pajamas, gave him a yummy dinner of bananas and bread (he ate a lot of chicken for his afternoon snack), then brushed (and flossed) his teeth and put him to bed. And then he didn’t wake up for 11 whole hours!

So, yeah, it was a really busy weekend. But I got a lot done (including three loads of laundry), and The Boy woke up in an awesome mood this morning. Who can argue with that?


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