I’m a good mommy!

I just got a call from the Food Director at The Boy’s day care, and she told me as much, so it must be true!

She had called for clarification about The Boy’s food sensitivities. See, there’s a number of foods his little body can’t tolerate, so I print out a list each week of those foods (and the reactions the center can expect if he ingests any of these foods) and a comprehensive list of no-no’s based on the current week’s menu. It makes their lives easier, and I can be certain that I’ve exercised due care in ensuring The Boy doesn’t have any adverse reactions for which he might be sent home.

Sometimes the list changes and I get to take something off of it. Sometimes I have to add something. But we let The Boy try different things from time to time, and if he happens to react poorly, it gets added to the list. And if something currently banned is suddenly okay, it gets taken off the list. Either way, I make a point of keeping the list updated each week and giving his school the latest edition.

Oh, and she also said I was really organized. Ha! Do I have his school fooled! I’ll bet they probably think The Boy lives in an immaculately kept home, too, with spotless floors, pristine cabinet doors, and nary a speck of dust in sight. (He doesn’t, by the way. Are you kidding me? I’m ecstatic if I can muster enough energy to run the vacuum!) No, I’m just really good about keeping files on the computer. I need to work on the physical world now, opposed to the virtual one.

So, I feel good about the care I’ve taken in ensuring he is safe and healthy at school.

And she said I was a good mommy! Hee hee!


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