Decisions, decisions…

I’m trying to give The Boy more independence, so I’ve been letting him decide what to eat for breakfast (“Do you want Kix or Cheerios?”), what to wear to bed (“Do you want to wear cars and boats or moons and stars?”), and occasionally what to wear to school. But this morning, he was faced with a very tough choice, indeed.

“Do you want to wear the Muno Guitar or Yoda?”

He stood across the room, looking at both T-shirts, and it looked like he was seriously contemplating which shirt to wear. Usually, this exercise yields almost immediate results, but he really took his time deciding this morning. It was deliciously adorable.

He ultimately opted for the Muno Guitar. Once he grabbed the shirt, Yoda wasn’t given a second thought.

It seems Yo Gabba Gabba! trumps Star Wars right now. Or, at least, Muno trumps Yoda.


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