Oh, what a morning…

So, on the heels of this past weekend when I had to give The Boy his first time out for throwing a book at his father, I witnessed him hit B, a little girl in his class who happens to live down the street from us, square in the face. I was not pleased.

See, The Boy was holding a truck, and B wanted to play with it. She tried to take it out of The Boy’s hands, and there was much crying and screaming over it. The teachers told B to let The Boy play with the truck, so she shoved it at The Boy. And he smacked her in the face, which also knocked her off-balance, so she fell.

It was all I could do to not leap over the little gate.

I calmly (but quickly) opened the baby gate, made a beeline for The Boy, took the toys out of his hands (the truck and another car – why does he need two toys?), picked him up (making sure to keep him at arms’ length), and put him down in a corner where I knelt down and sternly explained to him that what he did was wrong. He burst into tears (he knew he did something bad), I asked him to show me that he knew how to use “nice hands”, he gently caressed my face, I gave him a big hug and a kiss and told him that I loved him very much, and he went off to play with the previously confiscated car and truck.

And, yes, all the teachers (and kids) saw me do it. The strangest thing, though, is that all the kids (except B) started circling us while I was talking to The Boy. Crazy kids.

This hitting and such is just so aggravating because I’m not entirely certain why he’s doing it. I tell him to use his words (as limited as they are), to use nice hands, to be patient, to wait his turn, etc., but it doesn’t seem to work. One of the teachers told me that all the kids hit someone at least once a day, so I should be overly concerned about it, but it’s still so bothersome because I don’t want him to be hitting people whenever he doesn’t get his way.

I need Super Martian Robot Girl! Help!


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