Breathe a sigh of relief…

…and allow myself to feel optimistic about the future – about The Boy’s future – once again.

I know the world will not change overnight. Obama didn’t have to remind me that the country’s woes would not get fixed in a year, and they may not even be fixed in one term, but he did. The economy will not magically jumpstart itself (though I’m willing to bet that the overseas markets will be more positive), and lions will not lie beside lambs (without killing them first).

But I’m hopeful.

And even the results on the same-sex marriage amendments in various states, though horribly likely to pass (62% so far in Florida? Really?), only give me pause for just the slightest moment because there is hope that the issue will be taken to the United States Supreme Court where it will be overwhelmingly declared unconstitutional. And I have faith that it will, even with the current Justices on the bench, but even more so if/when some Justices retire (as they have been saying they would) and are replaced by Obama’s nominations.

The results show that we still live in a very divided America. An irate elderly man on the news this morning merely drove that point home. But, here again, I have hope, hope that Obama will do as he has said he would and surround himself with the brightest minds in his cabinet, continue bipartisan efforts, and try to heal the divide that has plagued our nation for the past 10 years.

Before he left for work this morning, my husband warned me not to talk shit to anyone at work about Obama’s win. I do, after all, work with a few Republicans who were die-hard McCain supporters. I told him I will take my cue from Obama’s victory speech and graciously accept the win without losing sight of the sheer amount of work that still needs to be done.

But Change has come to America. And I, for one, could not be happier!


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