Happy November!

I can’t believe it’s already November. October went by way too fast.

Halloween was a quiet event in the Caines household. The Boy didn’t dress up (though we had Jedi robes for him – a repeat of last year’s Yoda costume) or go Trick or Treating, but he stayed awake a little later than usual and enjoyed the colored lights we had near the front window.

Today, we went to the Disney Marketplace, and it was The Boy’s first trip there. He loved looking at all the fountains and the various toys in the shops. We did a bit of Christmas shopping (mostly for Cousin M) but were home in time for lunch.

He is an incredibly active little boy, and so much fun! He’s definitely his own person with a very strong will, though. He insisted on boycotting his afternoon nap today, which never bodes well for us in the evening, but he was so deliciously funny when Cute Husband checked on him. Cute Husband cracked open the nursery door, and when The Boy saw his dad, he immediately quit fussing and said, quite simply, “Hi!”

You can’t help but laugh when things like that happen.


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