"Bah! Humbug!" (Oh, that's too strong…)

Plans for the department Holiday Party (oh, hell – just say “Christmas”) are underway. Fortunately, they’ve sent out feelers earlier in the year to check on people’s availability. So far, the dates they’ve offered do not work for my family. One conflicts with my husband’s birthday weekend and the other conflicts with a family outing.

I’m not terribly distraught, if you can’t tell.

It’s not that I don’t like my coworkers. I like them well enough. I just don’t have a lot in common with most of them. They are really nice, but most of them like to drink and, well, I haven’t had more than half a glass of wine in two years. And I don’t know if you’ve ever been the lone sober person in a crowd of drunken coworkers… Just believe me when I say it’s not fun. And while I’m not the only one with a toddler, I’m the only one who doesn’t have family nearby, so I can’t very easily drop off my kid with Grandma or anything.

So, I’ve got my Scrooge face on now.


I’m feeling rather ambivalent about the holidays this year. With Mom gone and the economy in the toilet and an increasing sense of urgency to pay off my debts as quickly as possible, I’m just not in the mood to be jolly.

And I still need to sit down and design this year’s card.



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