Toddler things I want to remember

Life goes by way too quickly. I had The Boy all to myself this weekend (well, mostly), and while we had so much fun together, it’s hard to remember everything we did! So, in bulleted form, here are some things I hope I never forget:

  • The Boy can kick a ball now! It all began by accident, when he was walking after his ball in the kitchen and tapped it with his foot, sending it moving forward. After a while, he was kicking the ball around the island in the kitchen, very proud of his new skill!
  • The Boy proudly points to various parts of his body now: belly button, eyes, nose… It’s very funny, but he also gets a little confused by the question, I think, and points to mine or Cute Husband’s.
  • The Boy is so fond of looking at pictures of himself (and other family members) on the computer. It doesn’t take him long to identify people in new pictures, either, once Cute Husband and I name the people in the photos.
  • On Saturday, we went to a birthday party, where he ate rice andpansit like a pro. There were plenty of balloons to keep him occupied, which was really nice, but the biggest surprise was that he happily accepted a banana instead of more cake!
  • On Sunday, I was sweeping up crumbs off the kitchen floor with a tiny dust pan and brush. The Boy kept talking to me, and I answered when prompted, but he finally put his hand on my shoulder and crouched down next to me, peering into my face. It appears my pat responses weren’t acceptable – he wanted my undivided attention.

There’s so much more about this little guy that I absolutely adore. I need to jot down moments like these more often!


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