Dancing, sign language and favorite things

Cute Husband brought home some Yo Gabba Gabba! toys this week, and they’ve become The Boy’s new favorite playthings. It’s a little frustrating, though, because we can’t find Foofa’s train car (with Foofa in it, of course) anywhere! Cute Husband went to two Targets and I went to a Target and a Walmart, and we couldn’t find her. Not that I think The Boy minds, of course. I started singing one of the songs from the “Train” episode when I sat down to play with the train cars (minus Foofa), which immediately got his attention, and he started dancing to my singing.

I absolutely adore this child.

I forgot to mention a few posts back that he’s developed his own sign language. I know the official sign for “more”, but The Boy has decided that “more” is better expressed by tapping his finger on a table or, when tapping a surface doesn’t yield the desired results, tapping his finger in the palm of his hand. It’s the most adorable thing and incredibly brilliant at the same time. It’s a very logical sign, though not exactly ASL.

There are a handful of words he says very clearly, all his favorite things, of course. Let’s see… There’s “balloon”, “bubble”, “ball”, “bear”, “Mama” (hee!), and “Yo Gabba Gabba”. There’s still a lot of grunting and pointing, but his vocabulary is growing each day. And this kid is smart. He knows that good things to eat come out of the refrigerator and the pantry. He recognizes his sippy cups and knows if we are filling them, he’ll get something to drink. He recognizes bananas, his different cereal boxes, and Nilla Wafers – and he even pointed out the Nilla Wafers container to Cute Husband last weekend. He knows that if he wanders into the laundry room while I’m doing laundry, I’m going to put him to work. He knows that the laundry room door leads to the garage door (which leads outside), and he recognizes the sound of the garage door, too. He recognizes his father’s car and knows it means Daddy’s home. And he knows when he’s eating something that’s different from what’s on the plates of the other kids at school.

More than all that, though, I’m certain he knows he is loved – or, at least, will never be deprived of cuddle time.


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