Musings on The Boy

It’s been a while since I’ve written about all the things The Boy is doing. I need to follow the examples set by many of my fellow bloggers and jot things down periodically (like weekly or at least monthly).

When I took him to school this morning, one of his teachers greeted him, gave him a hug, and, looking over his dark head of hair said to me, “He is so smart! Yesterday, we gave everyone crayons and paper to color, and he colored all over the paper, not just in one spot!” This actually came as a surprise to me because he hadn’t been remotely interested in coloring in his Sesame Street coloring book, but it’s also been a while. I made a mental note to break out the crayons again this weekend and see what happens.

When I presented a copy of the food restriction list I provided to the front desk, his other teacher thanked me and said, “He gets so upset when other kids are eating food that he can’t have! The other day, he kept trying to get cheese at snack time. I kept telling him, ‘No, you can’t have that,’ and he’d look up at me and start to cry. I felt so bad.” He does that, though. He’s smart enough to know that there are some people in this world who will give you anything to get you to shut up. Thankfully, his teachers would rather deal with his crying than a rant from me.

He’s getting much better at communicating needs, and I think he’s headed for a major growth spurt. During this past week, he has tried to climb into his high chair at least once a day, and once in it, he seems both anxious and impatient to have his food brought to him right away. When a preferred food is finished, he points in the direction he believes it is kept (the pantry, the refrigerator, the counter behind him) and grunts. When the food is gone but he is not finished (or if I take too long to get the food to him), he impatiently taps his tray with his finger, as if to point out its emptiness. And when he’s tired of being in the high chair, he screams and tries to push the tray away from him. This doesn’t necessarily mean he has finished eating, though. More often than not, he’ll return to his tray (I leave it on a chair within his reach) and finish whatever food he’s left there.

Another communication breakthrough has happened via his toy Brobie and the TV remote. This past Wednesday, I was able to witness The Boy bringing Brobie to Cute Husband and pointing at the TV. When Cute Husband took the toy and made no effort to turn on the TV, The Boy then brought him the remote and pointed at the TV again. And when Yo Gabba Gabba comes on? He gets so excited and dances, moving both his arms and legs. Dancing is a very big pastime in my house.

He still cycles through his toys, playing with everything at least once a week. His favorites right now are balls, but he’s equally fond of his drums. Books are also good standbys. I can always count on him to entertain himself with a book for at least a few minutes. And all animals make the same grunting/barking noise. It’s the funniest thing.

I felt very bad earlier this week when I left him playing in his room while I went into my room to change my clothes and brush my hair. I had just affixed a barette when I heard him let out a terrifying cry, and I rushed into his room to find him, only he wasn’t there. I followed the sounds of his wailing and found him in the hallway near the laundry room door, and he was banging on it. When he saw me, he ran towards me and clung to me fiercely, and it was then that I realized he though I had left him alone! My poor, poor little boy. I made sure we cuddled a good long while before we headed for school that morning.

Other than that, he’s talking a whole lot more now, but it’s still mostly stuff I don’t quite understand, try as I might. Whatever he’s saying, though, is something about which he is all too passionate. And believe it or not, when he’s talking, he doesn’t even give me a chance to respond with more than a few syllables!


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