My Mommy Day

I had such a great day yesterday. I wish I could have at least one of these kinds of days a week, but it’s just not possible. Oh, but it was such a nice day!

Once I got Mommy duties out of the way (feeding The Boy, changing The Boy, and dropping off The Boy at school), I headed to the hospital for my appointments. I had an annual checkup (which I ended up needing to reschedule) and an appointment with the dermatologist. (Everything looks fine, but I need to go back to get this one mole removed. Because of its location, it will need to be surgically removed – but it’s just a simple 30-minute procedure. He will, however, send the mole out for a biopsy to make sure everything is fine.)

By 9:45, I was free and had the entire day (well, until 4:30, anyway) to myself. When I saw the time, I actually contemplated going in to work instead of taking the day, but since I had already submitted the paperwork and it had been processed and I really was looking forward to having time to myself, I opted to head back home, instead. But first, I needed to stop at the grocery store and pick up a few essentials.

When I got home, I quickly unloaded the groceries and began preparing for my day of leisure. What does a day of leisure involve for me? Bread-making, and a whole lot of it. By the time Cute Husband and The Boy arrived, I successfully shaped and froze 14 dinner rolls (plus one in the refrigerator, waiting to be baked and consumed that evening), four regular-sized and eight toddler-sized wheat bagels, and two kinds of pizza dough (enough to make four 9″ pizzas). I probably would have kept going except that I ran out of unbleached bread flour. Oops! I was really disappointed, too, because I wanted to make some pitas and lavash and foccacia. If I venture to the store again tomorrow, maybe I’ll make some this weekend.

Anyway, while the bread was proofing, I also did a few things around the house, namely stripping bedding and making beds, two loads of laundry, and thoroughly cleaning out the pantry. (This was when I discovered I had seven kinds of flour and wondered why All-Purpose Flour is called that, since it’s clearly not all-purpose.) I’ve since realized that I desperately need to make sugar cookies and/or frosted cupcakes because I have way too many decorative sugars and sprinkles, and I simply must do something with them. And as I also have about five pounds of powdered sugar, I’d might as well make my own frosting, too.

But that may have to wait for my next Mommy Day.

I ventured into the guest room (where all my crafting materials are stored) to see if I could quickly make sense of anything in there and, after a few minutes of feeling a bit overwhelmed, decided I didn’t want to spend my day off feeling stressed. So, I closed the door and went back to the kitchen.

I also didn’t do any gardening. There’s a giant weed growing in a crack between two pavers in my driveway, and I wanted to pull it and attack some of the other visible weeds. Aside from enjoying my day working with dough (because, as Cute Husband said, I didn’t really bake anything until that evening), it was also way too hot outside for my liking, so I didn’t bother with the gardening gloves.

There were a few other things I wanted to do around the house that didn’t get done (vacuuming, thoroughly cleaning the bathrooms, sorting through my clothes to determine which can be given away), but I really had a nice, relaxing day. Sure, my feet hurt when I crawled into bed last night, and I didn’t get the nap that I promised myself, but I had fun.

And I didn’t check my work e-mail once!


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