Bananas are in! (Pineapple is out. And don’t bother with the pot roast.)

A few months ago, I had to take bananas off The Boy’s List of Approved Foods (LAF). Despite devouring bananas since he was six months of age (whole bananas since eight months), he suddenly developed a mild rash after eating them, so they were immediately banned. This weekend, though, tired of depriving him of cheese, milk, and other foods he loves so much, I decided to give him a banana and see if the reactions were still there. And after a 30 minutes (then an hour, then 90 minutes), I noticed there wasn’t a single rash developing anywhere on his body. And, oh, I had never seen this child so happy to eat something!

The next morning, I offered another banana and carefully watched him for any adverse reactions. There were none, except that he was quite distraught that he had finished his banana as quickly as he did. So, I decided, bananas were back on the LAF.

Pineapples, however…

It’s not that he reacts to them, necessarily. Not outwardly, anyway. But I’ve hypothesized that the pineapples – while not directly causing any tummy problems – are not helping ease tummy issues. So, I’ve put pineapples on the restricted list, meaning that he can have some pineapples every other week or so, but not every day.

In other food-related news, soy milk has also made it to the LAF, but I haven’t tried offering any soy-cheese yet. (I’ll be honest – the soy cheese kind of freaks me out.) I was so happy to be able to bring milk to school this morning for him, since he’s been strictly on water at school for the past month.

And I made a pot roast last night (MSG-free, of course), which was duly rejected by The Boy. Once I popped a piece of beef into his mouth, he held it there for a little while, almost contemplatively, before pulling it out with his fingers and placing it in my hand. Not even the carrots or potatoes met his approval. It wasn’t so bad that he scraped his tongue (he’s done that before), but it clearly wasn’t something he wanted to eat.

Well, at least Cute Husband liked it.


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