Make it stop!

I’m exhausted.

A big part of it is my fault. After all, instead of immediately crawling back into bed, I paused at my computer to blog about being tired.

The bigger part of it, however, lies solely at the feet of my nemesis: Toddler Tummy.

Yes, after two blissful weeks of normal stools, my dreaded foe has returned. This evening, it hit with full force, requiring not only a diaper change but a full pajama change and a bedsheet change.

There is nothing more entertaining than changing your child’s bedsheet while he is lying on the floor holding a tiny flashlight. More than once I was afraid I might step on him, and more than once I silently praised him for being so good and keeping quiet for Mommy.

If this is anything like the last TT bout, I’ve got at least four more days of this.

Thank God the storm hasn’t knocked out power. I’d wind up throwing away all his pajamas!


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