I want a vacation… (and funny antics by The Boy)

I really just need a day off. Considering that my last day off from work (not including weekends) was spent in the doctor’s office and later collecting samples from my son’s dirty diapers, I just need a break.

And it’s already the middle of August, which means that we’re already halfway through third quarter! I’ll be updating reports soon to reflect 2009. Good grief.

Meanwhile, The Boy is changing so much every day. He’s been trying to reach the door knobs (which are levers and not really knobs) and has taken to blindly searching the countertops for something he can pull down to the floor. Each evening I come home from work, he seems to have learned something new. Yesterday, I managed to capture a short video of him grabbing a bag and carrying/dragging it across the kitchen to the hallway that leads to the garage door (which is accessible through the laundry room).

I am constantly on guard with this child. The surprises never end!


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