And this is why I use Corelle

I’m not sure when she made the switch, but at one point in my childhood, my mother moved from stoneware plates to Corelle. If you’re not familiar with this, it’s Corningware’s line of dishes, made of tempered glass. There are several nice things about Corelle from an aesthetic perspective (namely that you can stack 30 dishes in the same amount of space that would only hold about 12 stoneware dishes), and they come in all sorts of great patterns (mine is the Enhancements pattern, shown above). It’s also not terribly expensive, and they last a long time.

But the real reason I love my Corelle dishes is that they are ridiculously difficult to chip or break.

I use the dessert bowls and bread plates when I feed The Boy. Yes, I know I can use melamine plates with fun pictures of characters and/or animals on them, but (a) The Boy doesn’t seem overly interested in uncovering pictures when he eats, (b) I only have two melamine plates and am not in any rush to purchase more in the near future (mainly because I have no idea where I will store them), and (c) I like feeding him off dishes that look like smaller versions of the dishes Mommy and Daddy use.

Anyway, The Boy just recently began demonstrating the fact that he is no longer hungry in a new way: He will unceremoniously dump the remaining contents of a dish onto his tray, then launch the dish onto the floor before flinging the rest of the food in every conceivable direction. The Corelle dishes may clatter as they fall to the ground, but I have no fears because I know they won’t break, and I can immediately turn my attention to removing him from his chair before he falls into hysterics.

Yes, I definitely love my Corelle dishes!


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