Boycotting his nap

So, The Boy was sent home from school today because of a reaction to something he ate for lunch. (For the record, lunch was pizza, salad with Italian dressing, apples, and water.) As a result (and I really don’t get this), he needs to see the doctor and get a note so that he can return to school tomorrow.


But it doesn’t stop there. I was unable to collect him from school. Thankfully, Cute Husband was able to leave work and get him. (It just so happens that Cute Husband isn’t feeling too well right now, anyway… not that watching The Boy is much of a break, mind you.) I called the doctor’s office and got an appointment scheduled for later today. (I think it helps that everyone there loves this kid.)

Here’s the punchline: The Boy hasn’t taken a nap, save a few seconds in the car. Moreover, he’s refusing to take a nap. So, even if Cute Husband is able to get him down for a little while, the appointment is for 3:45, not leaving much time for a good, solid nap, anyway.

Oh, we’re in for a doozy tonight. Can anyone say “overtired” and “night terrors”?


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