What, exactly, does "ASAP" mean?

(Yes, I know the acronym stands for As Soon As Possible. But this post is meant to poke fun at myself.)

So, I took The Boy to the doctor on Monday, which was when we received the diagnosis of Toddler Tummy. Just to be safe, though, Dr. W ordered three stool samples, to be taken to the lab ASAP.

At each diaper change, I checked for poop and dutifully collected the necessary samples and had them ready to take to the lab the very next morning (which I did, as I had absolutely no intention of keeping little vials of poop in the house or in my purse for longer than absolutely necessary).

In this instance, ASAP was followed to the letter.

Now, here’s the funny part.

Back in October of 2007, I had a routine physical (I like to get one once a year or every 15 months). Dr. W told me everything was in order, except that I really ought to exercise more often (which I’ve been doing). And then he ordered some lab work for me, to be done ASAP.

I just had my blood drawn this morning.

So, to summarize… When the health of my child (or anyone other than me, for that matter) is involved, ASAP means immediately, right away, as soon as possible. When it’s my own health, though, ASAP means whenever you get to it, not a rush, as soon as it’s convenient.

I really ought to take better care of  myself.


4 thoughts on “What, exactly, does "ASAP" mean?

  1. oh, i know… i'm the same way… i totally take care of mia and i don't take care of myself nearly as well as i should… hehe. it's a mom's curse, i guess. hehe.

  2. I'm impressed you got a physical done in Oct. 2007. I decided my 6 week postpartum checkup counted as my yearly physical and didn't go again until April 2008.

  3. I totally do the same thing. If my son needs anything, I'm there. But just this past week I decided to finally catch up on a couple health issues of my own (bad feet and bad teeth) and now I've been fitted for orthotics, a night mouth guard, and am seeing a dental surgeon about some work I should have done years ago.

  4. I think I scheduled that appointment because I was still in the mindset of going to the doctor every few weeks. If it makes you feel any better, I haven't scheduled my next checkup, which I really ought to do.
    Oh, yeah, and I need to make dental appointments for all of us (baby, hubby & me). [sigh]

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