Mommy’s little boy (or, Momma hates Toddler Tummy)

My son loves his mommy. This cannot be refuted.

So, once his chronic diaper rash cleared and The Boy’s bottom was nice and normal in color again, this wonderful thing known as Toddler Tummy graced my household. Have you heard of this? Apparently, it’s not that uncommon. It’s basically loose stools several times a day but no underlying disorder, no specific cause for the diarrhea, and no problems with his ability to thrive. I told his doctor that I think it’s sheer volume of food consumption that keeps this kid alive. And even though he doesn’t have juice (precisely because I wanted toprevent Toddler Tummy), his doctor said that this could also have very easily been brought on by the eight teeth currently growing in his mouth.

[sigh] Yeah, apparently, with molars, the pain doesn’t end until the teeth are all the way in. Nice, huh?

Anyway, I spent the day at home with The Boy. Well, to be fair, we weren’t home the entire time. I scored an early doctor’s appointment for him, and we visited Cute Husband at work for a little while, making it home for a nap just in time to head off a major meltdown. I took the opportunity to get some work done – and did fairly well until he awoke and decided he didn’t want to do anything but sit in Mommy’s lap and continuously poke my nose. [sigh] After a nice lunch of pasta with tomatoes and spinach (he didn’t want the spinach until he saw me eating it), he agreed to play on his own for a few minutes until I was asked ordered to read several books to him. Or, rather, I was to hold the books and say the words until he turned the pages. And even though he didn’t get to spend any part of his afternoon alone with Daddy (as they do every weekday), he still didn’t want Daddy to put him to bed. To the very end, he just wanted Mommy.

So, I managed to get my work done today (though I didn’t send out my last e-mail until after 8 PM). I’ve also managed to successfully collect three stool samples to bring to the lab on my way to work tomorrow morning. (Only one sample left to go – I’ll probably collect that one tomorrow morning, as I’m keeping my fingers crossed he won’t wake later tonight.) I told Cute Husband that I think I’d be able to work from home even with him here if he was feeling better. As it was, though, whenever his tummy hurt (right before he would poop), he wanted me to hold him – and not just hold him, but hold him and rub his back and sway with him. It’s kind of hard to do anything on the computer when you’re swaying with a baby while rubbing his back. And then after the poop, I had to do a quick diaper change, which he didn’t like at all, which meant that I needed to hold him for a while afterthe diaper change, too.

Oh! I was able to cook dinner tonight. Well, as much cooking as a tofu stir-fry can be. The important part, though, is that The Boy ate quite a bit of tofu (hurrah!) and carrots (extra hurrah!). I have leftovers for tomorrow night, too, so I’ll see if he’ll be up for another vegetarian dinner.

But first, I’ll need to see if his little body is processing said tofu and carrots correctly. Toddler Tummy sucks.


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