Thankful for the coming weekend

I’m so glad it’s Friday. It doesn’t happen often, but this has been one of those weeks I just wanted to get to the next weekend. I woke up on Wednesday thinking it was Saturday, and the days have just kind of dragged since then. Work hasn’t been particularly awful or anything; I just really have a lot of stuff I’d rather do at home.

Last night, I broke a glass in the kitchen. No one was hurt; it just came crashing down from the counter to the floor. I took that as an opportunity to thoroughly sweep (and Cute Husband vacuumed) the kitchen floor (much needed after The Boy’s recent attempts to scrape breading from his chicken nuggets). And since I was in that mode, I also vacuumed the family room – which first meant picking up all The Boy’s things and putting them away (also much needed, especially since The Boy has started stacking items upon which to climb). Two hours later, the family room was nice and tidy (save for the laundry basket on the sofa and myriad items on the chair), and the kitchen counters were closer to clear. (It’s a work in progress.) I successfully filed away The Boy’s artwork from school and tossed a number of items into the recycling pile. I figure I just need another three or four hours of dedicated sorting and cleaning to get the kitchen and the dining room whipped into shape. That is, of course, as long as the family room stays as I left it this morning (which was fairly tidy, considering that The Boy took it upon himself to liberate all the balls from his toy basket right before we were to leave and I had to hurriedly put them away before he realized what I was doing).

And in all honesty, I’m actually motivated enough to have launched back into cleaning mode if I were at home alone today. But there’s no telling what I’ll feel like at the end of the day. [sigh] There’s yet another reason telecommuting would be so awesome.

I’m trying to find an easy recipe for pot roast or beef stew that doesn’t use one of the Lipton soup mixes (and thus doesn’t contain MSG). I know I can’t keep The Boy from eating things with high fructose corn syrup, but I can at least do my best to keep MSG out of the food he gets from home. If anyone has one (even if it requires using a demi glace), please help!

This is the first weekend in a very long while that The Boy doesn’t have anything on his social calendar. Cute Husband said he wants to spend the weekend doing house things, which will be very nice. I’m almost caught up on laundry (as caught up as one can be, anyway), though I’m out of my peroxide bleach and need to get more laundry detergent on my way home. And I’d really like to at least get this sewing pattern pinned to the fabric, if not get the fabric properly cut, as well. And I’ve got some other little crafty projects I’d like to complete…

I think I may keep The Boy on Lactaid for another week before giving him regular milk again and seeing how his little body reacts to it. I realized last Saturday (after a full day of diarrhea despite an ordinary diet) that he might be lactose intolerant, and I took him off regular milk on Sunday then introduced Lactaid milk on Monday evening. His poops went back to normal, so I was happy to discover that was the culprit (and not a full-blown milk allergy – that would have been catastrophic). The research I’ve done indicated that lactose intolerance in toddlers often happens after a stomach virus (which he had about eight weeks ago – and honestly hasn’t had normal stools since), but a week or two away from regular milk should allow his digestive system enough time to heal itself, and he’ll be able to drink regular milk with no problems afterwards. So, to play it safe, I’ll keep him on Lactaid for another week and reintroduce bovine milk next weekend.

Oh, yeah – and his diaper rash is finally completely gone. We’re still teething like a fiend (and still waiting on teeth #15 and #16), but at least the pain is now only coming from one side of his body. And there haven’t been any other diaper-throwing incidents.

Life is good.


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