Not my favorite person today

Before 8 o’clock this morning, I changed my clothes twice (not including pajamas). Yes, that’s right – I’m in my third outfit of the day.

My sweet little boy decided to throw applesauce at me at breakfast as his way of letting me know that his teeth hurt. After a stern “We do not throw things at Mommy”, he started crying and promptly finished his applesauce. Once he was done with breakfast, I changed my clothes.

While I did that, I let him play for a while. Before long he came to me, arms open and a big grin on his face… and a certain odor emanating from his rear. I hugged him tightly, then put him down to change his diaper. (After all, I had no intention of letting him sit in a dirty diaper for any length of time.) He put up a good fight, but I succeeded in getting his diaper off… only to have him reach over and throw it (and all its contents) at me. This resulted in another stern “We do not throw things, especially at Mommy!” and a hasty cleaning and rediapering from me and a few additional water works from The Boy.

Let’s just say I’ve never been so happy to drop him off at school and come to work.


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