14 teeth!

And two more on the way. It turns out, The Boy was waking up in the middle of the night with teething pains. This would also explain why he would put both hands in his mouth, his pudgy little fingers pressing down on his bottom gums as he tried to relieve some of the pressure. It’s the canines this time. It figures; we breezed through his first molars and his upper canines, so why shouldn’t he torment us with the lower ones?

So, he’s back on Tylenol before bedtime. It worked marvelously last night; he didn’t wake until just after 6 this morning and I was able to get a (relatively) good night’s sleep. I kept having weird dreams.

It’s so weird to think that just a year ago, he didn’t have anyteeth, and that he’ll have half of his teeth in just a few short weeks. Isn’t that crazy? I mean, I know he’ll start losing his baby teeth in a few years and all, but almost half of his teeth are in!

[sigh] He’s growing up too fast.


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