Sick again (and weekend update)

I don’t know how, but I managed to pick up a really bad sinus cold this weekend. And now The Boy has it, too. It’s the second cold I’ve passed on to him. It’s only fair, I guess. Lord knows he’s given me a lot worse!

Yesterday was our friend T-Dawg’s wedding. It was outdoors. In Florida. In the beginning of July. Is there any wonder, then, that The Boy was bright red (even though I kept him in the shade)? He was just really hot. He survived it splendidly, though. I constantly fed him ice water while we were outside, and after just a few minutes inside, he was back to his normal color.

Anyway, he was very well-behaved throughout the ceremony and reception. Cute Husband was told (again) that we need to get The Boy into modeling. I just don’t think it’s a good scene, really. There’s just too much pressure for a little kid, you know? But I told Cute Husband that I wouldn’t be opposed to sending in his picture for a Parents Magazine contest. Even then, though, I don’t know that I could handle the rejection. He wouldn’t care, but I’d be all sorts of annoyed.

We left just after the cake cutting. The Boy was getting tired (it was bedtime, after all). I put him into his pajamas before we left, and he (thankfully) dozed off within minutes of getting into the car. Once we got home (it was an hour drive), I only needed to gently get him from his car seat and deposit him into his crib. He protested a little when I lifted him from his seat, but he seemed grateful to be able to stretch out in bed.

My friend BK told me the most exciting news on Friday when we went to their house… She and her husband are expecting a little bundle of happiness sometime in January! I’m so excited, words can’t begin to describe. For as long as I’ve known them, the two of them have repeatedly said that they’re not interested in having children. And even after The Boy was born, she was still disinterested. But now she’s pregnant! And I’m incredibly stoked for her.

So, The Boy has had an eventful weekend. Friday was a trip to IKEA and an afternoon at Aunt BK’s and Uncle Doug’s where he repeatedly climbed up the stairs (I’m still trying to teach him how to crawl down) and chased their cat – even tracking her under the couch! Cute Husband was feeling poorly, so he took The Boy home while I went with our friends to T-Dawg’s rehearsal dinner. (And there was no fuss going down for a late nap, eating dinner, taking vitamins, or any other part of the bedtime routine.) Someone from the bride’s side asked me where my husband and child were, and I told them that Cute Husband took him home and put him down. I then added that tuck-in time is one of my favorite parts of the day, but that I was glad to have a night off from being Mom.

Then Saturday was the wedding. I don’t want to talk about it. Suffice it to say that I kept The Boy amused throughout the ceremony by blowing bubbles while he fanned them away from him. I wish I had a video camera or asked someone to take pictures because it really was adorable. Oh, and my little cheese connoisseur really liked port wine cheese.

Actually, there is one notable thing that happened during the reception. Any time we let The Boy wander on his own, he would make a beeline for either Uncle Doug or Uncle L. It was the funniest thing. He wanted either Uncle Doug or Uncle L to hold him, which is not usual at all. He was also happy going to Aunt BK (though I’m putting a stop to that very soon because she’s not used to picking up 24 pounds of squirminess – and I’m going to make sure she gets the kid-glove treatment during this first pregnancy) and Mommy and Daddy, of course, but when left to his own devices, he sought out Uncle Doug.

Today, I made him sleep in until 7 (I wanted to sleep in), then reluctantly plucked him out of bed and began our day. Save an hour morning nap and an hour afternoon nap, he was going non-stop for the entire day. It was constant jabbering, constant running, constant playing… I took naps while he napped and still couldn’t keep up with him. (Never mind the sinus cold handicap. I still think I ought to be able to keep up with an almost-15-month-old!)

Anyway, a part of me is glad to be heading back to work tomorrow. I need the rest.


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