Please tell me this is normal…

I left work a few hours early to get some rest because this awful sinus cold is about to drive me insane. (Not that I’m not already there, mind you – just a worse part of insane.)

Anyway, I stopped at the store to pick up a rotisserie chicken for dinner. After all, I didn’t feel like eating breakfast, I skipped lunch, and I’m really in no mood to make anything for dinner. So, a pre-cooked bird it would have to be.

And what do you think I did as soon as I got home (after I washed my hands)?

I cut open the chicken… and started cutting up bite-sized pieces to feed to The Boy for dinner.

Never mind that I haven’t eaten all day, Never mind that he’s got plenty of food in the house. And let’s not talk about the fact that I think may have cut up two servings of chicken for him. Oh, no. When I see food, I think of The Boy’s tummy first.

So, is this normal, this habit of putting my child’s needs/wants before my own? I mean, I assume I’ll outgrow it eventually. I can’t, after all, imagine myself in another 13 or 14 years fretting about whether The Boy has had enough to eat or is getting enough sleep. Surely he’d be able to fend for himself by then. But at the same time, I have this strange feeling that there will be some other need/want of his that will be exponentially more important than my own.

Of course, it could just me another one of my (many) neuroses…


6 thoughts on “Please tell me this is normal…

  1. i think it's pretty normal. hehe. i always make sure mia's okay first. for me though it's because i can't enjoy myself if she's bugging me for food. hehe.

  2. It does get easier, but you'll go from fretting over cutting up his food to fretting over why there are food scraps all over the floor (from them getting their own food).

  3. Every Sunday we have dinner with my husband's side of the family. Sometimes other people are done eating before I even have a chance to take more than five bites of my own food. This is because I first focus on getting food for my son. And I don't know if it goes away. Have you ever experienced the grandmother that constantly pushes food on her grandchildren? I'm guessing it's the same thing behind it.

  4. I think what's even worse is when I'm so focused on getting food for The Boy and making sure he eats it that when he's all finished and I finally get around to focusing on my own plate, everyone else is already finished and The Boy now needs to be entertained! Like this wedding we attended this past weekend… Thankfully, I was able to fix a plate for him right away, but he was about finished before our table was even allowed to go to the buffet line. I sent my husband to the line ahead of me (we couldn't exactly leave The Boy on his own, you know) and nibbled on the chicken fingers while I waited, but by the time I went to the buffet line, got my own food (some of which was for The Boy), and proceeded to eat, someone was already done eating and tossing food onto the floor.
    At least we had an entire crew of entertainers there for him, otherwise I probably wouldn't have been able to eat at all!

  5. Yep, normal. I also can't stand eating anything in front of him that I can't share with him, while my husband has no problem saying "no, you can't have daddy's milkshake." Today he noticed that I was chewing gum and I thought, well, that's the end of gum for me for awhile!

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