Diaper rash update

I get to leave work early today, so I asked my husband to drop off The Boy. I wanted to get to the office early and finish up all my month-end things.

Anyway, when he collected The Boy from school yesterday, he immediately checked The Boy’s diaper, as I asked. The teacher was a little taken aback; she had just changed him, after all, and didn’t understand why the child’s diaper needed checking. My husband explained that I asked him to do it, and, upon opening the diaper, what do you think he saw?

Lots of powder. No A&D.

He asked why they didn’t use any ointment, and she insisted that they did. He kindly informed them that we use more than that at home and that she needs to put more on The Boy. Which she did. And then Cute Husband told her to use more. And then some more. And then a little more.

There. That’s how much we use at home.

I’m picking him up this afternoon and will change him before we leave there. I’ll see if he’s got enough ointment on his bottom. And if he doesn’t, I’ll follow my husband’s lead and camly remind them to use a lot of ointment on The Boy, especially when he has a rash, and show them how much to use if necessary. (I figure they should go through about 3 ounces of this stuff a week.)

Right now I just have to keep reminding myself that it will get better. After all, this morning’s diaper change was less of a struggle than yesterday’s. And, truth be told, his bum doesn’t look nearly as bad as it did from other diaper rashes (like last week’s or any of the ones that accompanied his stomach bugs). So, it is getting better.



2 thoughts on “Diaper rash update

  1. i still don't get WHAT is so difficult about following directions. they should be doing EXACTLY what you want them to do. i would NOT want to be responsible for a child's raw bottom. wth is WRONG with them? they seriously anger me.

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