Tommy Bear

Several months ago, a former coworker gave The Boy a bear wearing a Who T-shirt. Because of the shirt and the fact that I have no originality, we’ve named the bear “Tommy Bear”.

This is the first stuffed animal he actually cuddled, and he has since taken to cuddling with Tommy Bear (and other stuffed animals) when the mood strikes. It doesn’t strike very often (he’s much more fond of balloons when he’s lucky enough to have them, and of balls, which are his new favorite things to carry, toss, and roll), but when it does, it’s quite endearing. The snuggling always includes a number of kisses to Tommy Bear’s nose.

Tonight, when I put him down, he seemed to have trouble settling. I’m still letting him wean himself from the breast, but I’m no longer giving him a pacifier at night. This started last week, but it’s only been a problem for the past couple of nights. Of course, he could also be perfectly fine without the pacifier; after all, he went to bed after 7:30 last night and tonight, so it could very well be a self-soothing issue. Either way, the past two nights haven’t been easy on us.

Anyway, after I put him in his crib and finished our nighttime ritual (complete with Goodnight Moon and a song), I dimmed the lights and left the room. For a few minutes, he was fine. But then the crying began, and I knew it was because he was having trouble soothing himself. I waited a few more minutes, then came back into his room, softly hushing his cries, and offered Tommy Bear before one more goodnight, and I left the room.

The crying continued for another five minutes, then The Boy settled once more. I just went into his room to check on him, and he had turned himself around in the crib – but he was sound asleep and holding Tommy Bear’s foot.

What interests me most is what tomorrow morning may bring. The Boy could very well be elated to have a friend in his crib, or he may dismiss Tommy Bear altogether and we’d jump right into our routine without a second glance.

I’m just hoping Tommy Bear will be enough to keep The Boy settled so he can soothe himself back to sleep in the event he awakes at 4:30 again.


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