Playgroup at my house today

I’m a little ashamed I didn’t stop (or really think) to take pictures, but there it is.

Anyway, I had a house full of little boys and their moms today. It was really just three other little boys and their mothers, but four wee ‘uns are a lot to handle – even when the Mommy to kid ratio is 1:1! I have no idea how the teachers manage it at daycare.

My friend A brought her little boy (let’s just call him C), Jen brought her little boy E, and Jen’s friend Erica brought her little boy J. (One of the moms that I like from daycare initially accepted the invitation but canceled at the last minute because she and her husband were meeting with a realtor today. It wasn’t a big deal, and we’re still planning on getting together for a playdate, anyway.)

The Boy was a little taken aback when everyone arrived at once. He’s used to seeing adults coming to our house (usually the same group again and again), but seeing the kids kind of threw him off. It was a good half hour before he was comfortable enough to get off of my lap and join the others. J started playing with toys right away, then E joined in, then C, and finally, after much persusasion, The Boy began playing, too. I found this particularly interesting because this is his house and his toys, but he was very cautious about the whole thing.

Once he warmed up, I enjoyed watching them all play in tandem.

Some observations:

– Kids this age don’t really grasp the concept of “mine” or “yours”, which is nice. But they also don’t understand the concept of not taking something from somebody else, or using something already in use.

– The Boy certainly has his favorite people. He cuddled with Alyne for a good part of the afternoon, but wasn’t interested in cuddling with Jen (whom he’s seen numerous times) or Erica.

– Kids this age like to do what the other kids are doing. Alyne said that C ate more chicken at lunch today while watching The Boy eat than he did all day yesterday. Meanwhile, The Boy became very interested in certain books on the bookshelf because he watched J continuously take them off the shelf. As soon as J left, The Boy made a beeline for the bookshelf and attempted to take down several of the same books.

– Kids this age will accept boundary reinforcement from anyone. It’s not just limited to Mommy. This is a nice thing if all the adults are on the same page and are okay with other Moms enforcing boundaries for their kids. It’s also kind of funny to watch.

I also noticed that The Boy is a very careful child in walking and in play. Movements are very deliberate for this child.

Oh, and the most coveted toy of the afternoon? It was the handle of a bucket that houses all of The Boy’s Monster Blocks. The Boy managed to take it offf the container after lunch, and the kids each took a turn at creatively playing with it.

Some things will never cease to amaze me.


2 thoughts on “Playgroup at my house today

  1. It was actually kind of a relief, really. I know he does well with the other kids at school, but I'm always concerned that he's not sticking up for himself or that other kids are grabbing things from him and he doesn't "fight" back. But I've also heard that he takes food from other kids' plates at lunchtime, so…

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