Treating myself

Today, I took The Boy to my stylist to get his hair done. (We go to Hair Cuttery, so it’s not like a fancy schmancy place, but I discovered this stylist not long after we moved into our house, and I liked her enough to return to her on several occasions.) He was very well-behaved throughout the whole cutting process, for which I was immensely grateful. She cut it shorter in the back and on the sides and left it a little longer on top, and I really like his hair. He looks like such a big boy!

Anyway, after his hair cut, it was my turn for a cut. I normally go to her every two months, but my last appointment was the Sunday after Mom died, and, well, I didn’t make the appointment because I was out of the country. Then February became March, March became April, and so on and so forth until – voila! – the calendar read June. So, I really needed to get my hair trimmed.

Usually, she washes my hair, trims the edges, then lets me kind of mess with it before I head back home. Today, though, The Boy was in a good mood (he was getting loads of attention from the other ladies in the salon) and I decided to let Kathy style my hair. After all, it had been a long while since I last had it styled, and I wanted to see what she would do with it so that I’d have more ideas in the morning than tossing it up into a ponytail or pulling it back with a barette.

So she did this really cool flippy thing at the bottom and just let the top do its thing. I told her I was still having issues with baby hair growing back, and I couldn’t quite tame it. She told me a little bit of hairspray goes a long way in taming stray hairs, and she gave me long layers to help work them into the rest of my hair. The result was great – I just wish I took pictures. But the only thing I could think once I put on my glasses and looked at myself in the mirror was, “Good Lord, I could use some make up.” Not much – just some eyeliner and gloss – but a little would certainly go a long way.


3 thoughts on “Treating myself

  1. Oh, I didn't mention how she used the hair spray – that was the coolest part! Rather than just spraying my whole head, she would spray her comb with the stuff, then comb the areas that needed taming. And on other parts of my head, she would spray the hairspray onto her fingers, then apply it to just those sections that needed it. So my hair ended up being really light and bouncy, not weighed down with hair spray!
    Yeah, it's pretty cool.

  2. it also depends on the hairspray. i have issues with a lot of sprays. every once in a while i'll use it and my hair is light and bouncy. it's some shaper spray stuff.also, i found that fekkai glossing cream TOTALLY tames my untameable baby hairs!!!! i love that stuff!

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