Next he’ll ask for it by name…

Tonight was a big surprise for Cute Husband and me.

After a smaller than usual dinner of cheese, bananas, and pears (hey – at least it’s healthy), I started gathering The Boy’s things for the last diaper change of the day and a change into pajamas. Once I had everything in place (in the family room, of course, because there’s really no better place to change a little toddler), Cute Husband put on Yo! Gabba Gabba, and The Boy immediately cruised over to the TV the instant the opening song began playing. Cute Husband put out his arms to catch him, asking, “What’s this?”

Much to our surprise, The Boy answered, “Oh Ababa!”

I immediately called my sister to tell her. Funny moments like these have to be shared.

[sigh] My little boy is certainly not a baby anymore!


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