Feed me, Daddy!

So, The Boy completely surprised us today.

First, when Cute Husband brought him home from school, he made a beeline for the refrigerator and started pointing and shouting. This usually means he wants milk, but he pushed aside the sippy cup that Cute Husband offered and continued pointing. So Cute Husband opened the door and started holding different containers until The Boy exclaimed eagerly that Daddy found the right container. Only the container he was holding contained green beans, and The Boy has been on a green bean strike for the past few days, so Cute Husband grabbed the other container that contained watermelon. He offered it to The Boy, who promptly reached in and helped himself. After popping the first piece in his mouth, he smiled at Cute Husband and clapped, almost as if to say, “Daddy, this is just what I wanted!”

I came home a little earlier than usual, so I was able to make some pasta and cheese for him. While I was grating the cheese, The Boy was underfoot and kept tugging at my jeans for pieces of cheese. I was able to placate him for a little while, but he eventually gave up on me and found a bag of goldfish crackers in his diaper backpack. He brought that to Cute Husband and waved it at him until Cute Husband agreed to give him a few crackers.

Have I mentioned that this boy likes to eat?


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