Whatever you do, don’t disrupt the pattern!

Cute Husband took The Boy out after school today to see one of his high school friends currently visiting Orlando. They went to the Magic Kingdom (where The Boy was surrounded by balloons he so desperately wanted but couldn’t have) for a while, then came home just before 7.

Lately, he’s been going to bed at 7:30.

Anyway, his typical routine involves a few hours of playing once he comes home from school, dinner at around 6:30, then a diaper change, costume change, and the nighttime ritual of vitamins, Tylenol (for the teeth), and a good brush of the teeth. Then he gets to read “Goodnight Moon” before going into his crib for the night.

So, when he got home, tired and hungry, he really only wanted to play. That is, after all, his custom. But I managed to get some food into his tummy (after much cajoling on my part and several minor meltdowns on his), and Cute Husband put him in his pajamas after dinner. I let him play a little while longer, then began the nighttime ritual.

He went down at 8:30 tonight.

It will be interesting to see how well he sleeps tonight. Last night he awoke every few hours – nothing horrible, mind you, just a bit of crying. So, tonight, I’m really hoping he sleeps more soundly.

Because tomorrow, we have a busy day. Mommy has that Parent-Teacher conference at 8 o’clock, and then I probably won’t get home from work until after he’s already out for the evening.



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