Been running so hard – what I need is to unwind…

Today started out a great day. The Boy didn’t sleep well last night (he boycotted dinner and probably kept waking with a grumbly tummy), but he still woke me at 6, just after Cute Husband left for work. It wasn’t too terrible; I managed to pull it together and get him fed (almost 7 ounces of peaches, 3 ounces of yogurt, and about 3 ounces of milk), dressed, and both of us out the door just after 7:30. (That’s a record, by the way.) This week I’m reviewing the month of May, you see, and I knew I needed a head-start at work.

And that’s when the great day evaporated. I logged onto my e-mail to find urgent messages from our CMO and VP of Finance looking to resurrect a project I thought we had already killed. So I scrambled to update the data and form new conclusions, then painstakingly reviewed them with our department head before I could meet with the cafe analyst to review my assumptions and conclusions with him.

I feel like beating my head against a wall.

Today I sent The Boy to school with a banana and a small container of peaches for snack. (They were having animal crackers this morning, and I prefer bringing his snacks instead of letting him eat animal crackers because I’m not sure of their ingredients.) Last week, I got into a bit of trouble with his teachers because I only provided a banana, and he got very angry when he finished it and there was no more to eat. So I’ve learned my lesson and realize now that I need to provide extra food for him – just in case.

Tomorrow I have my first Parent-Teacher conference. It’s really just an opportunity to sit down with his head teacher and go over his development and progression. I can’t imagine it would be much more involved than that; it’s not like she’s going to tell me The Boy is doing poorly in Science or needs to stay focused while studying History.

And next week marks the start of “Water Days”. I’m not totally sure what it entails, but I know that I have to send The Boy to school on Fridays with swimming trunks, swimming diapers, water shoes, and a towel. At yesterday’s Target excursion, I contemplated getting him his own beach towel until I remembered that a bath towel is plenty big for his little body.

Silly Mommy.


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