Taking the night off

There are a plethora of other things I should be doing right now. Laundry tops the list (doesn’t it always?), taking a shower, cleaning the kitchen, blah blah blah. I’ve decided to take the night off, though. I’m just feeling really blah today.

So I ordered my computer from Dell last night. If money were no object and I wouldn’t be using it, at least in part, for work purposes, I would have bought a Mac. Sadly, though, I would need to use this for work (at least some of the time), so a PC it was. And, well, Dell let me customize it and stuff. It’s a pink XPS 1530 with the fastest available processor. Why pink? If I had my way, I would have bought a red one (to match my red phone and red Nintendo DS – plus Dell would have made a donation to help AIDS patients in Africa), but there was good pricing on the pink (or blue) one with mostof the features I wanted (including that processor, but I did upgrade a few other things). Cute Husband really advised against getting a pink laptop (“It screams ‘She’s got a laptop’,” he said) until I told him that the special pricing was only available on the pink or blue and the same configuration for a black one would have been an additional $700 (which I knew because that’s what it would have been for a red one, too). He said he wouldn’t have wanted the blue, either; black would have been his pick. But as it’s my laptop… )The pink is also a guarantee he won’t touch it.) I’ll get it in a couple of weeks, but I’m still very excited about it.

The Boy is teething like crazy right now. It’s the lower lateral incisors (finally!) that are giving him grief. I checked his gums after brushing his teeth this evening, and I think he’ll have the right one come in first. Then he’ll have 11 teeth. But the teething is terrible. I think the other kids help keep him distracted at school, so he doesn’t fuss so much about his teeth there. Here, though, it’s just Cute Husband and me (or, as was the case this morning after Cute Husband left to get his hair cut, just me), and we’re only so exciting. Anyway, he drooled all over the romper he was wearing this morning, then drooled through a bib I put on him this afternoon.

Poor little guy.

Lunch today was an adventure. He decided that he didn’t want to eat anything but watermelon. Seriously. I really don’t know how much he ate; I just know he was very angry that it wasn’t hitting his tray fast enough. The teachers at school all marvel at how much this kid eats, but they laugh at how seriously he takes his food. Apparently, you don’t want to interrupt this kid at meal time. But anyway, watermelon was the only acceptable thing on the menu. Towards the end, though (when he was starting to fall asleep in his high chair), he’d put the watermelon in his mouth, chew it a little, then spit it right out. It’s not like he was sucking out the juice and just leaving the pulp, either. I can’t explain it.

You know, now that I’ve unloaded a little, I’m suddenly motivated to do something again. Not laundry, though (I’m currently out of bleach and I need to bleach his diapers), but I think I’ll put away his toys.

And maybe take a shower.


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