The Boy got sent home from school yesterday. Well, he would have been sent home, except that I accidentally left my phone off, and, for some odd reason, they didn’t call my husband at work.

Anyway, he’s at home today with Cute Husband, and he has a doctor’s appointment at 2:45. After all, Dr W told me to call and/or bring him in if he still had a fever on Thursday, and, well, it’s Thursday and he still has a fever. And a bad cough. And if he has the same cold I have, a sore throat, too. But I think my sore throat partially came from the constant vomiting, so there’s really no telling. His appetite has also decreased considerably (he didn’t even finish his banana this morning for breakfast, and he only had a little more than half a cup of his favorite macaroni and cheese for dinner last night), he has a bad cough, and he’s not sleeping well. Oh, but his breathing isn’t labored and he’s still in (mostly) good spirits, so that’s the bright side of things.

My poor little baby.

He woke up around 3AM and didn’t want to go back to bed right away. I nursed him, let him drink some milk from his sippy cup (because, sadly, I’m only making so much milk now – but with both of us fighting the same cold, a little bit is better than nothing), gave him some Tylenol, nursed him some more, changed his diaper, and held him as I tried to coax him back to sleep. I thought I had him, but as soon as I crawled back into my own bed, he announced he wasn’t ready for bed. So I brought him into the family room, reclined onto the couch, and tried to get him to sleep again. He was restless, so I let him walk around a bit before bringing him back into his room to go to sleep. It’s impossible to be upset with a little boy who is just so excited to be alive, even at 4 in the morning. Finally, around 4:30, he fell asleep and (mostly) stayed asleep. He was still out when I left just after 7 this morning.

Needless to say, I’m feeling a bit tired.

I’ve taken myself off of Weight Watchers this week. After all, how do you count points when you aren’t keeping most of what you’ve eaten in your stomach? When I’m better, I’ll go back on it. It’s not terrible, after all; it just requires keeping a list. And I love to keep lists.

There’s a brushfire somewhere near my house (though not close enough for any danger), and probably a few more on the way to work. The air quality outside is terrible. As soon as I reached the  freeway, the smoke was unbearable. And now all I can smell is smoke. It’s awful. For this reason, I’m so thankful The Boy is staying home today. I really don’t want him outside exposed to this if it can be helped at all.

The Boy enjoys watching Cute Husband play Mario Kart on the Wii. I think he likes the pretty colors and the graphics. It works well, I think; Cute Husband can play and The Boy will (mostly) watch. Last night they were watching something on G4 together, which was pretty cute. Cute Husband was sitting on the floor, and The Boy was in front of him, drinking from his sippy cup, both of them engrossed in whatever was on the screen. If I thought I had time to take a picture of them together, I would have. It was completely priceless.


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