Let’s try this again…

I was sent home yesterday because my boss thought I looked too sick to be at work, so I (obviously) didn’t get a chance to do any of my work. Blech. The plus side is that I got a good nap in yesterday, which I definitely needed given that somebody (who will go unnamed) decided he didn’t want to go to sleep last night. I’m not sure when he woke up, but after a little bit of nursing, four ounces of corn, a few sips of milk, and a few hours, I finally got him asleep in his own bed (with my sweatshirt) around 1AM.

And then he woke up at 4:30. That was just as well, to be honest, because I needed to get to work early and push out all the things I needed to have done last night. But I really would have liked another hour or two of sleep.

So, we’ll give it another go today.

I asked Cute Husband to bring The Boy to school today so that I could get to work extra early. I left the house just as The Boy was finishing breakfast and about to be changed out of his pajamas.

The worst thing, though, is that I’m still not feeling right. As I type, I can hear my stomach turning, and it’s not a great sound (or feeling). The vomiting has stopped (thank GAWD), but then there’s the nasty business of that other part which, though much preferable to vomiting, is just plain awful.


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