It’s all in the presentation

I’ve been meaning to share a funny (to me) from our last visit to Dr W.

The Boy and I waited for a while in the examination room (long enough for me to vomit into the sink and clean it up), and when Dr W came in and sat facing us, The Boy reached out for the good doctor to pick him up and hold him.

Dr W was impressed. “Most kids this age scream in fear when they see me coming.”

I wondered why, since he’s a very nice man with a gentle smile and good demeanor. He told me that a lot of parents tell their kids to be good or they’ll get a shot. Oftentimes, they’ll do it right in front of the doctor. No wonder they’re afraid of him! I’d be scared, too.

But not The Boy. “Oh, no, ” I told Dr W. “When we’re going to the doctor, I tell him we get to see Dr W and Nurse A, like it’s a treat. After all, we don’t see you every day!” Besides, the staff is awesome and still coo over The Boy. It’s wonderful.

Dr W smiled and told me how much he appreciates that – it certainly makes his life a little easier. But it also begs the question: How long will I be able to pull this off before The Boy realizes that a trip to the doctor really isn’t that much fun?


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