He didn’t just say what I think he did, did he?

(For those who recognize the source of this entry’s title, yes, The Boy listened to it quite a bit while in the womb… and a little bit outside the womb, too.)

We hit a major milestone this weekend.

Yesterday, BK was kind enough to accompany me out of the house with The Boy to visit the Red Dot Boutique. With Saturday being the awful, awful day that it was, I sorely needed to get out of the house before I went crazy. (And after listening to my toddler screaming like bloody hell every time I brought a wipe anywhere near his bum, I wanted nothing more than to get out of the house and look at something different, something not in or anywhere near my house.) Cute Husband had some pre-existing plans with his old roommates and The Boy’s tummy seemed better (he was passing gas again; always a good sign), so I braved an excursion with The Boy in tow.

BK and I circled the store several times, and The Boy was most intrigued with the giant Converse star hanging from the ceiling in one section. Each time we passed it, he would point up at it, and I would say, “That’s a star.” Then he would kind of grunt and we’d go on our merry way.

The third time we passed under the star, he pointed up and said, very clearly, “Stah.” I was so impressed and so excited, I gave him a big hug and praised him for being so clever and so smart. “Yes, C___, that is a star! Very good!”

But it doesn’t stop there.

This morning, after I changed his diaper (more screaming) and dressed him, he crawled to his shoes and held them up to me. “Soos!” he said. Again, I was elated. “Yes, C___, those are your shoes! Will you bring them to me?” He looked at the shoes, handed me one, and said, “Soo.” I was so proud.

I know it’s not the soliloquy from Hamlet, but it’s a start!


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