“He really likes food, doesn’t he?”

After dropping The Boy off at his regular classroom, I went across the building to see his new teacher and check on how he did the previous day.

“He did great!” she told me. “And he’s such a good eater! He really likes food, doesn’t he?”

I had to laugh inwardly. He does, indeed, like food – as long as it’s food he likes. Last night’s steamed zucchini, for example, was not a favorite of his. Neither was the vegetable medley with pasta that came out of a jar. But give him food he likes, and he’s happy to eat his weight and then some.

Anyway, it appears yesterday went fairly smoothly. He sat quietly during Circle Time. He willingly sat at the table to eat his lunch (including second helpings). He awoke from his nap crying (I forgot to tell them this child does not do well waking under the best circumstances), but settled down after a good amount of cuddling, and then he played by himself for a while until the some other kids awoke.And he drank from the sippy cups there with no problems!

The only thing to which I’ll need to adjust is how much more he is drinking (and thus peeing)! If I didn’t have him in a cloth diaper last night – with a doubler insert to boot – I am certain he would have needed a diaper change every two hours, and probably would have leaked through each of those.

But it appears he will make the transition just fine. It’s going to be much more difficult for me, I know. I really like his current teachers a lot, and I’ll probably make a point (for a little while, at least) of going over there once a week to see them.


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