The letter from school

We got a letter in the mail last night from The Boy’s school. It was a congratulatory letter, letting us know that he is progressing very well and will be transitioning to the Toddler classroom on May 5.

No more baby. He’s a full-fledged toddler.

This morning, I visited what will be his new classroom, and I spoke with one of the teachers. I had already met her when she was visiting some of the children in the Infant Wing, so I was familiar enough with her. We talked very briefly about what The Boy will be doing and what I can expect, and I was relieved to know that he won’t need to fully transition to the hard-spout sippy cups for a few more weeks after transitioning. It was also nice to see a little girl in this new class who transitioned out of The Boy’s current class about six months ago; he’ll at least see a somewhat familiar face.

One thing I know is that I’ll need to be a bit more vigilant about his diet when he gets to the new classroom. He still has problems with oats, and most of the morning and afternoon snacks they offer have oats in the ingredients. And since I’d really rather he eat more fruits and vegetables throughout the day (instead of only at lunch), I’ll happily provide bananas and the like for him to eat. Plus, his doctor recommended holding off on even watered-down juice until he’s at least two to ward off a sweet tooth and ensure he gets adequate fiber in his diet. Oh, and Dr. W also advised keeping him away from seafood for another couple of years because of my own allergy to shellfish. When I was a wee girl, I would have violent allergic reactions to any kind of seafood, and I’d rather not go through something similar with The Boy.

So, the gradual transition process begins next week, and he’ll be there full-time beginning May 5. (Happy Cinco de Mayo! I wonder if they’ll serve margaritas…) They do a gradual transition so it’s not such a shock for the kids, and for that I’m grateful. I know that some of the other kids have cried and cried during the transition process, and I’m seriously hoping that The Boy will be okay. When I took him into the Toddler class this morning, he was very interested in looking at the kids and seeing what they were doing, but, of course, I was there and holding him the whole time, so it’s not like he was on his own.

He’ll also be going out to the playground twice a day every day, which will mean daily sunscreen application and daily baths. At least he likes taking baths, so that won’t be an ordeal. Sitting still for sunscreen, though, is an entirely different story. He’ll be allowed one nap per day at a pre-determined time (just after lunch, I think), but I didn’t find out if they limit his napping time. Sometimes he’ll nap for 15 minutes, but he might also stay asleep for three hours. It depends on what he feels like doing.

Oh, I have a strong feeling this transition process will be much tougher on me that it will be on The Boy.


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